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Legacy Formats

Discover our diverse range of innovative ad formats, such as “in-media overlay” and “rewarded ads,” designed to optimize and safely monetize your website.

Our in-house developed ad server enhances your digital strategy, turning your site into a thriving hub for users and advertisers alike.

Committed to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards, we ensure your advertising is effective, ethical, and brand safe.

Conscious of the Digital Carbon

Our commitments & values


Elevating Monetization Efficiency, Link by Link.

Our supply chain optimization meticulously fine-tunes every link in the digital advertising process, ensuring seamless collaboration between advertisers, publishers, and users. By maximizing efficiency, we create a streamlined ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, driving success and value at every stage of the supply chain.


Empowering Success, Sustaining Balance.

Achieving the best for users, publishers, and advertisers is our goal. We believe in sustainable online monetization that not only delivers outstanding results but also maintains equilibrium in the digital ecosystem. Our approach ensures a harmonious blend of profitability and ethical practices, creating a thriving environment for all involved parties.


Beyond Profit: Nurturing a Digital Eden.

Our commitment extends beyond profit margins; we're dedicated to being responsible stewards of the entire digital ecosystem, planet included. Through ethical monetization practices and environmentally conscious strategies, we contribute to a healthier online landscape, where success resonates not just economically but also ecologically.


Precision in Pixels, Excellence in Engagement.

We go beyond conventional ad delivery, employing advanced optimization techniques to ensure every pixel counts. From targeting the right audience to perfecting ad formats, our meticulous approach guarantees an optimized delivery system that enhances user experience, maximizes engagement, and elevates overall campaign performance.

Thoughtful Monetization for Online

High Yield with a Clear Conscience


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Message from our CEO

Explore a transformative partnership with us, where responsible monetization meets unmatched success. Join our community, and together, let's navigate the evolving landscape of online profitability, making every ad placement a strategic step towards excellence.

Martin Vedej
Martin Vedej CEO